Smart Therapy Management

HealthFactors is harnessing the power of medical devices and our Smart Therapy Management approach to Re-Imagine Respiratory Healthcare

The Smart Therapy Management approach relies on a hybrid commercialization model to develop medical devices by identifying unmet needs and challenges from stakeholders across the respiratory care continuum. We are innovating solutions holistically to create one cohesive product. Our devices, combined with digital health and therapeutic transformation solutions offer not only clinical and therapeutic benefits but transform the way healthcare is delivered, managed, and paid for.

It is not just about the clinical value a device delivers. It's the collective value of clinical benefit plus digital and therapeutic transformation solutions.. it's DEVICE+.


Smart therapy management uses the best of connected health technology to improve compliance with prescribed treatment goals.


Smart therapy management relies on a connected medical device to create a cloud-based ecosystem where patients, physicians, therapists, families and caregivers can contribute to the success of an individual patient’s therapy goals. The powerful data analytics, technology integration capabilities, and ability to break down silos across care teams has the potential to create a more cost-effective approach to therapy management that improves outcomes and the quality of life for patients.

The Future is Smart Therapy Management


How Smart Therapy Management Helps

Smart therapy management uses the best of connected health technology to improve compliance with prescribed treatment goals.

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    Medical Technology Companies

    • Increased sales

    • Operational efficiencies

    • Real-time data collection

    • Proof of real-world outcomes

    • Support for value-based contracting and reimbursement

    • Faster time to market

    • Improved safety and security

    • Move from device-only value to continuum-of-care value

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    Doctors and Therapists

    • Identify at-risk patients more quickly

    • Monitor effectiveness of medication or therapy program

    • Intervene faster and more accurately if not compliant

    • Improve internal workflows

    • Improve collaboration across care teams, providers and external support groups like payers and drug/ device solution providers

    • Population health – manage care for Medicare and Medicaid populations and increase revenue

    • Engage in cutting-edge research with NIH support and claim your spot in the future of healthcare

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    Patients and Caregivers

    • Improved outcomes due to therapy or medication adherence

    • Increased self-awareness of health status and   condition management

    • Fewer clinical complications

    • Improved connections with clinicians and caregivers

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    • Impact the bottom-line. Now.

    • Support with value-based contracting and accountable care organizations

    • Drive adherence of therapy with high-cost medical devices and lock in the benefits of lower ER and inpatient utilization

    • Improve Net Promoter Scores by pioneering a program that improves outcomes by way of increased service while reducing costs

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