Disease Surveillance & Data Analytics


Surveillance data systems

Public health surveillance is the interactive system of government public health departments at the international, federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial levels working with healthcare providers and the public at-large to detect, report, respond to, and prevent illness and death. 


Advancing disease surveillance data systems and analytics to support rapid COVID-19 detection, response, and public health decision-making is vital to our nation’s health security.  Outdated manual methods such as faxes, phone calls, and electronic systems that are not interoperable will not adequately address the data needs given the pace of this spread. Current processes and modes of data sharing are slow, cumbersome, and curb efforts to respond effectively with the intensity and speed this outbreak demands.


HealthFactors Connect PRO enables healthcare providers, local and state public health organizations to automate data analytics and improve epidemiological surveillance capacity with :

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